portraits of A

If you’ve been wanting to do some portraits - for business, for fun, for you, for any reason - what’s been stopping you? How often a week do you want something and say to yourself “eh, it’s only $20 - I won’t miss $20”? In ten years, will you still have all those $20 impulse buys? Or what about the $5 you spend on coffee four times a week? In ten years you WILL have those pictures you decided to have taken. You’ll look back at them and say DAMN I looked GOOD. I had spunk. I had flair. I had fun. I’m glad I did that.

Let’s create some beauty together.

R family

Back again! Alex has been one of my best friends for…15 years? Holy wow. Seeing her as a mother of two is a pleasure, she is exactly in her element. That goes for her husband, Dan as well - they’re both amazing caretakers and givers, and they’re littles are lucky to have them. (Heck - she’s even listed as my ‘mother’ on facebook, and I don’t plan on changing that…ever)

one year portraits - baby R

I’m petitioning for this baby to hold a TED talk to all other babies - on how to act in front of a camera. She was the cutest, the smiliest, the flirtiest little gal, she made my job a breeze! And mom had some pretty great styling to put the cherry on top of an amazing one year session. :)

in-home newborn - baby L

Maybe there’s something in the water up here in Minnesota, but every baby I’ve photographed lately has been a 10/10. Gerber baby status. This lil guy posed, followed me around with his eyes the whole time, and stole the hearts of every person who saw baby’s first photoshoot.

The perfect kick-off to a summer of photographing beautiful babies!

maternity - lu & d

In this ever changing life it’s nice to have some constants. This lady has been a constant in mine for over 10 years now and I plan on keeping it that way. When someone brings light and energy into your life and daily routine, you hang onto that person for a lifetime. <3

in-home newborn - baby W

I’m lucky enough to have this lil cutie be a part of my family. My closest cousin growing up had her first baby this summer and boy is she loved, by humans and animals alike. ;)

In-home newborn session - Baby C

I've always loved babies, but after working with a local in-hospital photography service for the past couple years I've realized how special those first few moments of life are. Babies change so crazy fast that it's so important to document those fleeting moments. And I've learned that even when everything feels like a whirlwind, it'll be those crazy moments that you feel nostalgic for later on.

In-home newborn sessions are one of my favorite things to shoot. Babies are so innately adorable, adding tens of props and odd poses really doesn't do them any justice on their own. So I like to sit back, and document life as it happens. I want to capture those first moments of them in their own crib, dad feeding the baby so mom can finally take a shower, siblings meeting for the first time. Real life doesn't have to be glamorous, but it's emotional and it's beautiful. And you'll be so happy to have those memories documented.

Yess Yoga

If you're looking for a local Minneapolis yoga studio with the best vibes, kindest souls, and most welcoming and supportive environment - Yess Yoga is your place. I've been lucky enough to know the owner, Lucia, for many years. She treats everyone like family, and the whole studio has a beautiful community-centric mindset. 

Every so often she hosts teacher training workshops and I get the opportunity to come in and work with her and her students, showcasing their abilities and what they've learned. Working with other small businesses gives me such pride in the Minneapolis community - I feel so humbled to work alongside so many wonderful creatives and uniquely talented folks!

Yess Yoga

Kaitlin - 2017 Senior

Doing my friend's senior photos while just out of high school is what really got my photography career started. I've always found it fun to do these kinds of portraits, one on one, wandering around finding unique-looking backgrounds. It's a nice chill session to do amidst all the craziness of wedding season and wrangling kids for family pictures! And every once in a while you luck out and get a modelesque young lady to work with like this one. :)