portraits of A

If you’ve been wanting to do some portraits - for business, for fun, for you, for any reason - what’s been stopping you? How often a week do you want something and say to yourself “eh, it’s only $20 - I won’t miss $20”? In ten years, will you still have all those $20 impulse buys? Or what about the $5 you spend on coffee four times a week? In ten years you WILL have those pictures you decided to have taken. You’ll look back at them and say DAMN I looked GOOD. I had spunk. I had flair. I had fun. I’m glad I did that.

Let’s create some beauty together.

Yess Yoga

If you're looking for a local Minneapolis yoga studio with the best vibes, kindest souls, and most welcoming and supportive environment - Yess Yoga is your place. I've been lucky enough to know the owner, Lucia, for many years. She treats everyone like family, and the whole studio has a beautiful community-centric mindset. 

Every so often she hosts teacher training workshops and I get the opportunity to come in and work with her and her students, showcasing their abilities and what they've learned. Working with other small businesses gives me such pride in the Minneapolis community - I feel so humbled to work alongside so many wonderful creatives and uniquely talented folks!

Yess Yoga